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We have an unrivalled team of experts
from the Wellness community 

Founder Open Door Retreats

Hugh Williams-Preece


Hugh has over 25 years of experience in complex event planning for a wide variety of companies and high net worth clients across the globe. Aside from his professional life, Hugh has an innate passion for exploring the unknown and for running - Forest Gump style. In 2004 he completed the Marathon Des Sables by running 6 regular marathons over 7 days in the very inhospitable Sahara Desert. Despite losing most of his toe nails and having to be pushed in a shopping trolley when arriving back to Gatwick Airport, Hugh still had a thirst for more. 

In 2010, he wanted to push the boundaries further and successfully completed 50 marathons in 50 days by running from Lisbon to London, raising £50k for Marie Curie Cancer Care. He loved it and his only regret was that he had to stop. Since then, Hugh has led extreme runs though the varied terrains of Portugal, England and Wales encouraging all ages, shapes and sizes to run with him – including his three children.

Hugh really enjoys sharing his experiences around extreme resilience by breaking down his achievements into bite-sized chunks. He appreciates that this makes his adventures much more relatable and allows individuals to both realise and release their own potential. His humorous and easy-going style of sharing his stories will have you hooked and eager to know more.

Hugh decided to launch ’Open Door Retreats’ as he loves motivating and teaching others to realise their previously unimaginable dreams. To help you realise yours, Hugh has curated an elite team of professionals, all of whom are highly engaging, knowledgeable and great fun.

Hugh is a fireball of positivity and energy, taking on brilliant and unchartered challenges in the pursuit of adventure and achievement. He is passionate about sharing his extraordinary experiences so that he can encourage others to feel the unique exhilaration that comes with such successes.

Rob Hobson

Sleep Ambassador & Nutritionist

Rob is literally bursting with a wealth of knowledge on health. He holds a Masters in Nutrition, an expertise in understanding how to sleep well and is a regular contributor to national papers and magazines – he is an expert in every sense of the word. 

Describing himself as a ‘recovering insomniac’ having battled with sleepless nights for many years, Rob decided to extensively research the concept of sleep. This culminated in his critically acclaimed book “The Art of Sleeping”, which has achieved global success. 

Rob’s dynamic sessions will help you to create an understanding of your own sleep habits, how they affect your life and how you can improve on them. We have included an informal evening session with Rob which will give you the chance to ask him questions about nutrition, diet and the effects of different foods on the body. His expertise is second to none, and the knowledge you will gain from him will support your sleep and healthier life style forever.

Yoga & Nutrition Open Door Retreats

Julie King

Yoga & Nutrition

As a walking advocate for all-round health and balance, Julie will have you feeling calm in moments. Her philosophy is simple, yet far reaching. Julie believes that through the indisputable benefits of yoga and the right nutrition we are all able to live our best lives, full of vitality and joy.

With a Diploma in Applied Nutrition and a qualified yoga instructor of 10 years, nobody is better experienced than Julie to complement your quest for wellness. Working with her will enable you to gain invaluable insight into the nutritional and healing content of food, and learn wonderful recipes that will transform the way you cook. The benefits of yoga practice will promote better sleep, calm anxious minds and create a palpable feeling of complete wellness.  

L3 Personal Trainer Open Door Retreats

Kate Rowe-Ham

L3 Personal Trainer

Kate is a unique and infectious blend of determination and drive coupled with empathy and realism. Kate’s clients are unfailingly appreciative of her approach to fitness - praising her ability to open their minds to the joy of movement, fitness and strength. This approach stems from Kate’s personal experience of life that so many of us can relate to – having a family, suffering miscarriages, gaining weight, losing confidence and looking after her family whilst running a successful business. Kate has also entered the joyful world of the Menopause and knows first-hand how this can alter your mood as well as sabotage exercise and healthy eating plans making you feel as though there is no point in trying!

Kate knows that your exercise plan needs to be as individual as you are, and that age, size, hormone and fitness levels are irrelevant in finding your own way to a healthier future. Kate understands that life can take over and your needs can fall by the wayside - she is passionate about motivating and inspiring people to find the ways and the time to get fit and stay fit. Time with Kate will leave you brighter, stronger and better equipped to being a really great version of you! 

L4 Personal Trainer Open Door Retreats

David Gover

L4 Personal Trainer

David is Managing Director and Head coach at GO:VER GYM, one of the top training facilities in Sussex. He has worked with International Rugby teams and is currently coaching two Olympians and one Commonwealth athlete. His wealth of up-to-date knowledge and boundless encouragement will ensure that he can create an exciting and manageable plan just for you, so be ready to work with him and prepare to be super proud of your own accomplishments.

David is everything you want your trainer to be – pumped, enthusiastic and very approachable. He is a professional and family man who understands the pressures of balancing a successful business with bringing up children, he knows that for any of us to make changes, the goals have to be attainable – and enjoyable. His emphasis is on creating fun, relaxed, informal and inclusive sessions.

David loves to see his clients achieving a real sense of accomplishment, whether it be with core-stability, movement, energy or fitness. He will learn about your body to ensure you move more, move better and move stronger with excellent technique. The satisfaction from seeing the joy this feeling gives his clients is what keeps David highly motivated.

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Nutrionist Open Door Retreats

Helen Ford


Helen is a winning combination of passion for great nutrition with real empathy for her clients and their families. For over 20 years, Helen has helped people realise the relationship between what they eat and their health issues, from infertility to osteoporosis and the dreaded menopause. She strongly believes that food has the therapeutic power to be a natural healer and is excited to share with you her reasons why. 

As a real ‘foodie’, Helen loves nothing more than spending time in her kitchen creating beautiful meals, bursting with health, colour and flavour. She will share her recipes and techniques with you, allowing you to create a menu that you and your families will love.

Spending time with Helen is fascinating and she will leave you feeling ready and excited to go home and approach food shopping and cooking in a brand new way. 

Guest Experience Director Open Door Retreats
Wellness Therapist Open Door Retreats

Giselle Sommerville

Wellness Therapist

With an illustrious career of almost 30 years, Giselle brings a wealth of knowledge and portfolio of treatments to match. Her expertise lies in understanding exactly what your body needs, and creating the perfect treatment just for you. Giselle will make you feel incredible, which is why her loyal clients return to her time after time. 

Giselle’s massages are legendary and are known for their invaluable ability to make you feel completely rested and reset. Facials combine potent, medical grade products and upper body massage that will leave your skin looking as flawless and reflective as glass. 

Please note that treatments are an extra charge – and worth every penny. 

Katie Harrison

Guest Experience Director

Katie loves looking after people - and you will be no exception. With an instinct for understanding what guests need, and an eye for detail, you can count on Katie to ensure that your experience with us is peppered with personal touches. Standard practice for Katie is always going one or two extra miles to ensure you feel completely taken care of. 

Katie has worked all over the world with royalty, senior politicians, ambassadors, celebrities and CEOs and she couldn’t be more excited to bring some of her magic to your retreat. 

Artist Open Door Retreats

Jaq Chase


Jaq is an artist in every sense of the word – she is open to working across a broad expanse of styles and genres, and is dedicated to helping others discover the creativity that she knows lies within us all. 

Her CV reads like a colourful ‘Who’s Who’, noting her partnerships with Hussein Chalayan, Vogue, The University of Oxford and the prestigious cultural institution of La Biennale in Venice and The British Arts Council.

With a hands-on approach and a passion for creativity, Jaq gently encourages her students – from beginners to seasoned artists - to gain in confidence and develop skills. Time spent with Jaq will leave you with a renewed perception of what you are truly capable of, and we think that is just amazing.

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